1. Cut around the thorax, behind the shoulder blade

  2. Cut front leg on the knee and behind the leg to the thorax

  3. Begin the cut between the shoulder blades along the neck to the head. No cuts in the front, just open for gutting the belly but not the thorax! More skin is better than less skin

  4. General Information & Good Practice

  • Cool down and freeze the trophy as fast as possible

  • Do not cut birds and small mammals

  • Pack the trophy airtight and freeze

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Hunting on Safari

Freeze? or Salt & Dry?

  • Always use non-iodized salt.

  • Bear, wolf, lion etc: Open the paws and rub salt into them several times for the first preparation. Change out old, wet salt with fresh, dry salt frequently.

  • Split: Ears, lips, eyes etc, so that salt can penetrate.

  • If there are qualified staff at the hunting destination, ask for assistance to ensure the trophy is treated correctly.

Why is thIS important?

These tips ensure that the trophy is prepared correctly during the field preparation, to avoid losing hair and other difficulties that present themselves just after tanning.

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Skinning Bear Paws